Adobe Lightroom Major Updates | April 2018

Massive Update to all Adobe Lightroom Platforms

Adobe Lightroom Major Updates | April 2018:  “In this release, we’re making Profiles more discoverable by changing how you access them. In Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera Raw, we’ve moved profiles from the Camera Calibration panel to the Basic panel and we’re now adding them into Lightroom CC (on Macintosh, Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS) at the top of the edit panel. We’ve also greatly expanded their capabilities with six brand new Adobe Raw profiles, over 40 new Creative profiles, and an all-new Profile Browser that lets you quickly compare and select the best profile for your photo. Camera Matching profiles, which were previously available in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic, are now available in Lightroom CC. Furthermore, we’ve also started working with a number of top preset creators to enable them to create their own unique profiles, some of which are available today.” ~ Adobe Blog

Matt Kloskowski is my Adobe Lightroom super her0 and who I originally learned LR from.  He’s done a great job demonstrating why you’ll love these new upgrades in the video below.