3 Day Luxury Real Estate Workshop Intensive – 2019

The World’s Most Efficient Methods to Learn Luxury Real Estate Photography

Spring Workshop TBA – $1800  click to register 

“Marc’s seminar was an essential stepping stone for me to go from mid-level listing agents to Luxury level listing agents.  Since the seminar, I’ve landed new clients and more importantly turned them into repeat clientele. My quality and composition have evolved tremendously and my ability to differentiate quality has ultimately led me to higher rates for my services.  Simply put the seminar has already paid off many times over.  I was stunned recently when looking at my pre-workshop photography vs my post-workshop photography.  The difference was day and night.  I highly recommend Marc if you want to take your business to the next level.” A.J. Weber – Real Estate Photographer

“My photos have taken on a new level of luxury thanks to Marc’s expert coaching in post-processing, particularly in regards to window pulls, blending ambient and flash exposures. If you’re serious about improving your technique as a real estate or architectural photographer, Marc’s Mastering Luxury Real Estate Workshop is a workshop you can’t afford to miss.”  Christian Viera – Real Estate Photographer

Marc’s 3-Day Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop Intensives Are Unique Opportunity Learn & Implement New Real Estate Photographic Techniques & Business Insights:

->  3 – Full Days of Expert Luxury Real Estate Photography Instruction, Unique Locations, and Insights

-> Includes PDF’s of Suggested Camera, Grip and Lighting Gear

-> 2 – Days of Deep-Dive Classroom Learning & Intense Exploration of Lighting Techniques

-> 1 – Full Day of On Location  Luxury Home Portfolio Building and Hands-On Instruction

-> Learn Powerful Off Camera Lighting Techniques

-> What To Do After You Take The Image – Post-Production Wizardry Made Simple

-> Powerful Retouching & Compositing Methods You Can Put Into Action Immediately

-> Best Practices To Control Exposure, White Balance & Color Contamination

-> Plus We’ll Go Over Gear, Contracts, & Business Techniques That Will Make You More $$$

-> How To Coax The Maximum Tonality For Each Frame

> Together We’ll Hone Your Composition Skills & Proper Camera Height

-> Learn All About the Power of Tilt-Shift Lenses & If They Are Right For You

-> Explore The Advantages of Wireless Tethering

-> Understand The Power Of Single Exposure Twilight Photography

-> Group Dinners and hang out time for networking and forging new relationships

-> Live Critique: Growing Through  Honest, Introspective Critique In A Totally Safe Environment

-> Real-Time Lightroom and Photoshop Retouching, Post Production & Compositing Instruction

-> Plus Everything Else You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Marc & Real Estate Photography

-> Each Workshop Is Limited to 12 Photographers Ranging from Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Levels

-> After The Workshop – Bonus:  Live 90 Minute Webinar, 14 Days After the Workshop 

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop 3-Day Intensives

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