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3 Day Luxury Real Estate Workshop Intensives

The World’s Most Efficient Methods to Learn Luxury Real Estate Photography

September, 6th, 7th, 8th – Portland, Oregon – $1800  click to register   -> {2 Seats Left} <-

“Marc’s seminar was an essential stepping stone for me to go from mid-level listing agents to Luxury level listing agents.  Since the seminar, I’ve landed new clients and more importantly turned them into repeat clientele. My quality and composition have evolved tremendously and my ability to differentiate quality has ultimately led me to higher rates for my services.  Simply put the seminar has already paid off many times over.  I was stunned recently when looking at my pre-workshop photography vs my post-workshop photography.  The difference was day and night.  I highly recommend Marc if you want to take your business to the next level.” ~ A.J. Weber – Real Estate Photographer

“My photos have taken on a new level of luxury thanks to Marc’s expert coaching in post-processing, particularly in regards to window pulls, blending ambient and flash exposures. If you’re serious about improving your technique as a real estate or architectural photographer, Marc’s Mastering Luxury Real Estate Workshop is a workshop you can’t afford to miss.”  ~ Chrsitian Viera – Real Estate Photographer

Marc’s 3-Day Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop Intensives Are Unique Opportunity Learn & Implement New Real Estate Photographic Techniques & Business Insights:

->  3 – Full Days of Expert Luxury Real Estate Photography Instruction, Unique Locations, and Insights

-> Includes PDF’s of Suggested Camera, Grip and Lighting Gear

-> 2 – Days of Deep-Dive Classroom Learning & Intense Exploration of Lighting Techniques

-> 1 – Full Day of On Location  Luxury Home Portfolio Building and Hands-On Instruction

-> Learn Powerful Off Camera Lighting Techniques

-> What To Do After You Take The Image – Post-Production Wizardry Made Simple

-> Powerful Retouching & Compositing Methods You Can Put Into Action Immediately

-> Best Practices To Control Exposure, White Balance & Color Contamination

-> Plus We’ll Go Over Gear, Contracts, & Business Techniques That Will Make You More $$$

-> How To Coax The Maximum Tonality For Each Frame

-> Together We’ll Hone Your Composition Skills & Proper Camera Height

-> Learn All About the Power of Tilt-Shift Lenses & If They Are Right For You

-> Explore The Advantages of Wireless Tethering

-> Understand The Power Of Single Exposure Twilight Photography

-> Group Dinners and hang out time for networking and forging new relationships

-> Live Critique: Growing Through  Honest, Introspective Critique In A Totally Safe Environment

-> Real-Time Lightroom and Photoshop Retouching, Post Production & Compositing Instruction

-> Plus Everything Else You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Marc & Real Estate Photography

-> Each Workshop Is Limited to 12 Photographers Ranging from Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Levels

-> After The Workshop – Bonus:  Live 90 Minute Webinar, 14 Days After the Workshop 

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop 3-Day Intensives


"If anyone reading this questions whether or not to attend your workshop I would say stop thinking and just do it. Marc, What can I say? My life will never be the same since meeting you! I came to your workshop and got not only a ton of fixes for shooting but also a bunch of business ideas. So what's happened since your workshop? We now service the top 2% producers in our state, raised prices, now shoot for more commercial clients than ever ... I am booked out 2 weeks in advance. The list goes on. If they keep an open mind and let you teach they will come away with more than they can implement in 3 months. I know. The workshop was 6 months ago and we are still editing our business goals and plans. Thanks, Marc and my troop thanks you too!"

Aaron Eriksson - Photography Director, Hub Media, Tempe, AZ

"I’ve attended many workshops over the years. Marc Weisberg's workshop was the most organized of any workshop I've ever attended. The first day he provided a detailed folder about the things we were going to learn the next two days. I walked away learning how to do window pulls and creating pictures that you would have never known flash was being used. Even after the course, almost a year later he still replies to my emails and answers questions. He truly cares about his students and their success. I plan on taking a one on one course in the next few months, and would highly recommend his course to anyone looking to master real estate photography."

Stephen Hopson - Photographer, Lokeford, CA

"I'd been following Marc on social media for about a year and admired his work as an architectural and real estate photographer. I saw that he was offering a course and jumped at the opportunity to study with him. I was one of two real estate agents in the course who photographed for their real estate business. The learning experience was tremendous. Marc is very helpful and patient with every question. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to grow their real estate photography business and provide more beautiful work for their clients."

Rebecca Steves - Real Estate Broker- RE/MAX Group, Photographer  - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

"As a photographer for 28 years, I have forgotten more than I know. After much research, I decided to invest in myself and my business and spend the better part of a week learning from one of the best in the industry – Marc Weisberg. I came away with a whole new skill-set and have been implementing everything I was able to absorb. Marc took the time to provide hands-on & one-on-one instruction to everyone in the class to ensure we fully grasped what we wanted to learn. I highly recommend investing in yourself and your career if you want to learn all there is to know about photographing Real Estate and Architecture the right way. After this learning experience, you and your clients will see everything in a whole new light and LOVE your images."

Radley Muller - Radley Muller Photography - Bellingham, WA

"Marc’s workshop exceeded my expectations, it provided me with the confidence and specific knowledge I needed to successfully take on almost any real estate photo shoot. I am now employed as a freelance RE photographer and use the composition, addictive lighting, window pulls, and post-processing techniques that I learned at Marc’s workshop on a daily basis."

Jan Sanders - Engineer & Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

September, 6th, 7th, 8th – Portland, Oregon – $1800 click to register

September, 24-27,  Paris, France – $4500 – [$1800 secures your spot] click to register 

A 4 Day Curated Experience in the heart of Paris, Including superb French wines & cheese tastings, hotel accommodations, architectural photography walks, guest speakers, museum visits, private concierge services and Parisian tour guide plus a full day’s luxury Parisian real estate photography shoot. This is an AMAZING opportunity to discover some of the finest parts of  “la Ville Lumière” {The City Of Lights}. Optional 5th Day trip to Versailles. Restricted to eight participants for an intimate learning experience. Reserve your spot for $1,400-

Professional Techniques for Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop Intensives –  Limited to 12 Participants

Luxury real estate photographer – Marc Weisberg is an open book when it comes to teaching how he captures and create magazine quality, luxury real estate photography. Marc’s brand is sought out by some of the top commercial and residential real estate firms in the country, providing the highest caliber images for realtors, interior designers, resorts, architects and builders needing to showcasing their properties. Real estate commissions include homes and estates ranging from $2m – $10m and commercial projects from $30m to $400m plus.

Learn what gear Marc uses, how he photographs luxury real estate and how they can save photographers and realtors time and money. Marc will share his lighting and post-production techniques that will take your photography to the next level. You will learn proven techniques for interior and exterior photography that will allow you to create repeatable results time after time no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible the real estate shoot may seem. Marc will share how to go into any home, assess it, light it, shoot it, and post process it. You’ll learn the basics, intermediate and advanced techniques in classroom modules and in a hands-on, live shoot in a luxury home real estate setting. These intensives are intense. No kidding. The days are long. You’ll be challenged, you’ll learn new techniques and new material. At the end of each day, you’ll leave energized by what you’ve learned to take your craft and business to the next level, and because you’ve worked your brain hard you’ll also be ready for some rest so you can approach the next new day and put to use the knowledge you gained during your intensive.



Marc Weisberg encourages those he teaches to believe in themselves. What stands out most to me is Marc’s patience. I was confused about the concept for using the window pull method. I thought ... “Why not take one exposure for the exterior and one for the interior and blend them together?” With a live demonstration, he allowed me to see for myself how the quality is much crisper when you add a separate layer with flash, to an ambient one. Marc’s work speaks for itself. It’s obvious he has put in the time to perfect his craft. Just like he takes pride in the quality of his work, he takes pride in helping others believe in themselves. Would I recommend signing up for Marc Weisberg’s Luxury Real Estate workshops? Hell Yes! In my opinion, he is a great example if you are looking to start a career in LRE photography.

Kevin Chang - Real Estate Photographer, Garden Grove, CA


  • What’s In My Bag | Marc Shares What Gear Works Best For Him, cameras, lenses, lighting, grip and lighting modifiers
  • Inexpensive And Cutting Edge Lighting Gear | Best Bang For Your Buck
  • Learn How to Prepare Your Clients For The Shoot
  • Learn How To Use Tilt-Shift Lenses And Optimize The Field of View and Perspective
  • To Tether Or Not To Tether, And What to Use
  • Composition | Choosing The Most Flattering – Power Compositions
  • How To Compose 1-Point & 2-Point Perspectives.
  • A 4-Step Winning Process For Photographing Any Room
  • How to Light Any Room
  • Learn How To Supplement Ambient Light Using Speedlights, AD200 and Godox 360’s To Achieve Natural Looking Photos With No Evidence That Additional Lighting Was Used.
  • Innovative Interior Lighting Techniques
  • Live On Location | All Day Luxury Real Estate Photo Shoot
  • Getting the perfect twilight images in a single frame
  • Pulls ~ The Secret To Getting The Perfect Window and Interior Exposures
  • Learn What Must Be In Your Client Contracts | Learn Options For Licensing Your Images
  • Software Reveal | What To Do After The Shoot – Post Production
  • Learn How To Think In A Composite Mindset For Blending Multiple Exposures In Post
  • Post Production | From Start To Finish
  • Learn The Power Of Exposure Blending
  • Controlling and Fine Tuning Your Images With Layer Masking
  • Workshop Guide / Filled With Everything We Are Going To Cover / Given To Each Student for note taking and yours to keep


OutcomesWhat You Learn In This Workshop can be applied to any of the sub-genres of Architectural and Real Estate Photography: Real Estate, Commercial-Residential, Commercial Real Estate Buildings & Shops, Hotels, Architecture For Architects, Restaurants, Resorts, Interiors & Interior Design Photography, Designed Outdoor Spaces, and more.


What You’ll Need

  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Digital Camera ~ Either A DSLR or Mirrorless, with extra batteries, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic are all welcome
  • 24-70mm Lens, 16-35 or Wider [ wide angle primes and 24mm primes are fine as long as there is little to no distortion ]
  • Optional ~ Tilt-Shift Lens 17mm, 19mm or 24mm
  • Tripod with rubber feet ~ [ sorry, no metal feet or spiked feet allowed ]
  • A minimum of 2 radio triggered speedlights or 2- Godox AD200, or 360 or similar.  Please…no large strobe heads.
  •  Laptop for Classroom Modules


[Please Note:  Below is a sample timeline.  The calendar dates and material covered are firm.  Please do not use to the timeline schedule below as gosspel.  Marc will email you with the final schedule a few days before the intensive.]

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography 3-Day Workshop Intensives Itinerary

MondayDay One ~ Part One: Will be a classroom module presentation {see below} and Q&A.6.5 hrs of hands-on instruction & demonstration

TuesdayDay Two ~ Part Two: Will be a live, on location shoot putting into practice what has been taught in the classroom module and a post-production class on your first day.8 hrs. of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on shooting

WednesdayDay Three ~ Part Three:  Back in the classroom, we’ll focus on in-depth post-production techniques and compositing from our shoot time together and discuss in-depth contracts, licensing and the art of successful networking that will get you new clients.8 hrs. of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on shooting

Classroom Module Day 1

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

  • Intro & Slide Show Of Work
  • Cameras, Lenses, Lighting Gear & Grip ~ Light shaping tools and essential gear.
  • Tilt – Shift Lenses ~ Explained And Demonstrated
  • Lighting Fundamentals ~ How to use the lights and which modifiers to use
  • Using Multiple Lights ~ With Ease
  • Exposure Fundamentals ~ How To Set Up Your Camera For The Best Results
  • Lens Selections ~ Which Lenses Work Best For Each Scenario
  • Perfecting Your Verticals ~ Technique & Guide To Obtaining Perfect Verticals
  • Software Overview ~ Which software is used to achieve the final images
  • A Gentler Way To Do Exposure Blending
  • How to do Easy and Reliable HDR without “overcooking” it.
  • Q&A

1:00 PM – 2:00 PMLunch

5:00 PM

  • On location Twilight Shoot
  • Dealing with difficult Twilight scenarios
  • How to Nail Your Twilight Shoots

7 PM – 10 PMOptional Dinner Hang Out


On Location Real Estate ShootDay 2

10:00 AM – 6:30 PM {end time adjust for seasonal twilight}j

  • Meet at Real Estate Photographic Location ~ To Be Announced
  • Live On Location Real Estate Photo Shoot
  • Property Walk Through ~ Planning The Shoot ~ An essential guide to seeing real estate and architecture with a critical eye.
  • Proper Angles ~ How to quickly size up a room and chose the best vantage points for the most dramatic images.
  • Tethering | Tools & What Works
  • Photographing The Space
  • The Secret Sauce ~ Nailing 95% Of The Image In Camera
  • Light It Up: Using multiple lights. Marc Will Share His Methods Of How to Light Even The Most Complex
  • Scenarios And The Most Complex Surfaces With Ease
  • You Will Learn How To Light And Photograph Interiors To Show True Color, Correct Perspective, Reveal Texture and Create Remarkable Images
  • Window Pull Method ~ You’ll Love This One
  • Twilight Shoot

1:00 PM – 2:00 PMCatered Casual Lunch with Comfort Food

2:00 PM – 6:30 PM {end time adjusted for seasonal twilight}

  • Continue Live Shoot


Classroom ModuleDay 3

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Q&A follow up on yesterday’s luxury real estate shoot.
  • Live edit of the On Location Twilight Shoot
  • Image Critique:  You’ll be required to hand in 3 finished images in the morning that you created during your hands on luxury real estate shoot.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PMLunch

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

  • We will get more in-depth with the retouching and compositing process
  • Marc will share how he deals with multiple color temperatures in a given composition
  • Final Output of images will be discussed and demonstrated
  • An in-depth discussion on Real Estate Twilight shoots.
  • Twilight images demystified. Marc will take you from RAW capture through the LR post-production process and into Photoshop for final adjustments as well as sky replacements
  • Contracts:  We will discuss an overview of RE photography contracts, Commercial RE photography contracts, and  Licensing agreements/contracts.
  • Image licensing will be discussed in detail

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography 3 Day Workshop Intensive


  • If you are a photographer looking to raise the bar on your skill level in the field of Real Estate Photography.
  • Photographers looking to understand and implement off camera lighting.
  • Realtors who have some knowledge of photography and are looking to photograph their own listings.
  • If you’re looking to make the move into the luxury real estate photography market.
  • Those that want to achieve a natural and dramatic look to their real estate photograph perfecting both interior and exterior ambient lighting.
  • Photographers looking to learn a proven, comprehensive, step-by-step method for producing top quality real estate imagery from inception post-production.


"Marc’s workshop is a truly great experience if you’re looking to refine your skills as a photographer. My photos have taken on a new level of luxury thanks to Marc’s expert coaching in post-processing, particularly in regards to window pulls, blending ambient and flash exposures. If you’re serious about improving your technique as a real estate or architectural photographer, Marc’s Mastering Luxury Real Estate Workshop is a workshop you can’t afford to miss."

Christian Viera - MBA, MFA, Multi-Media Producer & Real Estate Photographer, Xtnvieira.com-  Orange County, CA

"When I saw that Marc Weisberg was hosting a photography seminar on Mastering Luxury Real Estate, I jumped at the chance to sign up! I felt pretty strong [as a real estate photogarpher] going into the workshop but came out of it with a whole new approach to lighting spaces with more directional light, stronger window pulls [this changed my life] and more critical eye when looking through the frame. Marc is patient and totally transparent in his teaching methods. If you want to up your game and jump into the Luxury Real Estate market this course will not disappoint! My work has been dramatically improved!"

Kristine Kohl - Photographer - Kennewick, WA

WHAT’S INCLUDED:  Coffee, Bagels & Donuts each morning.  3 Days of Awesome Instruction by Marc and a Hands-On On-Location Shoot. Catered Lunch on the 2nd day for our live shoot.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED:  Transportation, Meals & Lodging. Transportation to and from the airport.  To and from the classroom location and to and from the live shoot location is the attendee’s responsibility.

MONEY TALK:  Tuition: $1800 per person. Your credit card will be charged the full amount.

HOW TO ENROLL IN THIS WORKSHOP:  Click on any of the workshop dates above to enroll.

WHERE  THE WORKSHOP AND LIVE PHOTO-SHOOT WILL TAKE PLACE:  Class Room Modules: Are held the first and third days, in a comfortable hotel setting or in a luxury home. Real Estate Photo Shoot Location: Our on location real estate shoot is always held on the 2nd day of the workshop in an impeccably furnished upscale luxury home.  The luxe home location will be announced on the first day of class.

Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography 3 Day Workshop Intensive

Withdrawal And Refund Policy for Mastering Luxury Real Estate Photography Workshop Intensive LUXURY REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP:  By making a payment for a workshop, you initiate an agreement in which a seat is reserved exclusively for you and others are turned away. Enrollment is limited in our workshops, so once you have enrolled your participation is important to us – we are counting on you to attend. If you must withdraw from a course, we provide the following refund policy: Withdraw more than 45 days before the start of the workshop and we will refund all monies paid, less a $55 application fee. Withdraw less than 45 days before the workshop: All payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable to any other person, workshop, or service.  Exception: You may receive a credit toward a future workshop or consultation if you cancel your agreement at least 30 days before the workshop begins. Your credit is good for six months from the date of your cancellation.

Marc Weisberg is an Architectural & Luxury Real Estate Photographer providing the highest caliber images for realtors, interior designers, developer, contractors, hotels, resorts, home stagers, architects and home builders needing to showcasing their property. Services offered include, Luxury Real Estate Photography, Architectural Photography, Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Interiors Photography, Resort Photography and Luxury Vacation Rental Photography. Marc owns and operates a successful Southern California based studio founded in 2001, and is the founder of Luxury Real Estate Images. His work is widely published and sought out by luxury brands. Contact Marc by phone 949.494.5084, or by email.

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