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Marc Weisberg Joins The Sirui Family as a Sirui Ambassador

Marc Weisberg Joins The Sirui Family as a Sirui Ambassador

Sirui Manufactures Camera Tripods, Monopods, and Tripod – Monopod & Video Heads and Peripheral Camera Gear

“I’m delighted to announce my partnership with Sirui as a Sirui Ambassador.” ~Mw  

WHO IS SIRUI {pronounced SUE-RAY}

SIRUI manufactures a full range of professional photographic and video support equipment, creating a wonderfully seamless system of camera tripods, video tripods, camera monopods, specialty tripod heads, camera backpacks and shoulder bags and camera humidity control and safety cabinets — everything needed to provide SIRUI customers with a perfect camera support experience. SIRUI’s diverse, international engineering group, combined with our industry leading Research and Development Department, has made SIRUI an expert manufacturer in the field of Forging Technology. Stringent Quality Control standards have been placed into every segment of manufacturing helping to make SIRUI a leading brand of photographic and video support equipment.


Marc Weisberg Joins The Sirui Family as a Sirui Ambassador

Here’s a list of the Sirui gear that I use in my daily photographic operations. I only partner with companies who’s gear I use in my professional craft.  Here’s the rundown of why I’m using Sirui.

  1. All their gear is finely crafted with great attention to design.
  2. All their tripods and heads come with a 6 year warranty.  Their United States headquarters are based in New Jersey.
  3. Excellent Customer service….they’ll go out of their way to take care of your needs
  4. Every tripod and head I have obtained from Sirui is packaged like a luxury item.  On top of that, each comes with its own carry case that will stand the test of time.  Each tripod comes in its own head duty streamlined zipper bag and shoulder strap, each ball head comes with a neoprene bag tailored for the individual head.  Every tripod comes with extra hardware, and the allen wrenches/hex keys.

Sirui N-3204x:  This is my daily use tripod.  A solid base with a height of

Marc Weisberg Joins The Sirui Family as a Sirui Ambassador


Sirui W-2204:  Each leg segment is sealed from water and dirt or sand intrusion.  If you’ve ever photographed on the beach, you know how important this is.  This is my backup tripod.  Additionally I’ve taken off the bottom half of the center column allowing me to use this as a table top tripod.  When the legs are splayed out, the top of the ball head is approximately 9″ off the table top.

Sirui W-2204




Sirui T-025X:  My travel tripod.  Weighing in at less than two pounds {with the included ball head,} this is the quintessential travel tripod.

Siuri T-025X:  My travel tripod

Sirui P-426S Photo/Video Monopod: State of the Art carbon fiber monopod made to exacting standards, rock-solid stability, and smooth action.

Sirui P-426S Photo/Video Monopod

Sirui VH-10 Video Head:  Wonderfully engineered to exacting standards, true fluid movement.

Sirui VH-10 Video Head


Marc Weisberg is an Architectural & Luxury Real Estate Photographer providing the highest caliber images for realtors, interior designers, developer, contractors, hotels, resorts, home stagers, architects and home builders needing to showcasing their property. Services offered include, Luxury Real Estate Photography, Architectural Photography, Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Interiors Photography, Resort Photography and Luxury Vacation Rental Photography. Marc owns and operates a successful Southern California based studio founded in 2001, and is the founder of Luxury Real Estate Images. His work is widely published and sought out by luxury brands. Contact Marc by phone 949.494.5084, or by email.

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