Over the past 10 years I’ve had the privilege of photographing luxury architecture and luxury real estate for discerning clients. I’ve photographed luxury architecture and luxury real estate throughout California, New York City, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Paris. Photographing luxury properties is a passion of mine and there are certain questions regarding my architecture and real estate photography business that repeat themselves year after year. So, I thought I’d compile A Collection of Frequently Asked Architectural & Luxury Real Estate Photography Questions And Answers to help prospective clients in the process of choosing a photographer that best suits them.

What makes your architectural and luxury real estate photography different than others?

There are a few things…..

All images are magazine quality, ready for printing and MLS.

  1. I don’t rely on HDR photography for my imagery. Most photographers in this line of work do and they are in and out in thirty minutes to an hour. HDR {High Dynamic Range} photography uses multiple exposures of the same image capturing the highlight and shadow areas and fuse them together with HDR software. The fusing of multiple exposure results in irregular color shifts that make hand sourced building materials and interiors look cartoonish and creates halos {a white glow} seen at the edges of objects, especially in interior window areas and on exteriors images between the real property edges and the sky.

2.  With over a decade of photographic experience producing high caliber commercial imagery, you’ll receive magazine quality architectural and interior photography images that will feel honest and alive and carry the integrity of the property’s design. My work is often described as, artistic, creative, clean, crisp, and technically flawless.

3. The majority of photographers rely on HDR photography to create their images. I do not rely on HDR photography. All my images are carefully and professionally lit. Often using up to 5 lights to light a scene. My process is time intensive. But, the results are visually dramatic, yielding clean crisp images. Interior colors are true, which is a big deal to architects, designers, and realtors dealing with custom built luxury properties with imported stone surfaces, custom wood surfaces and designer color palates. Great time, expense and care is spent sourcing the finest building and interior design materials and installing them. Its my job to ensure the color in the photographs meticulously matches the color of the spaces being photographed.

Quick Story: I was commissioned to re-photograph a $7m , 6,500 square foot home over looking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, San Diego for Christie’s. The first photographer they hired used HDR. The HDR photographer totally blew it. The colors were awful, the windows with vistas of the Pacific ocean were all blown out, almost completely white. The photographer who bungled the job also scratched their custom Walnut flooring. My client was thrilled with the work I provided to him {and we left the house in perfect condition}.

Do you offer real estate websites with tours?

Yes. I offer personalized, realtor specific branded, real estate, websites with property tours.

Do you offer video services?


Do you have a client list of firms and clients you’ve worked with in the past?

Yes. I’m honored to have worked with the following clients:

Westfield • The Irvine Company • JZMK Partners – an International Firm specializing in Architecture · Planning · Urban Design – U.S.A, China & Dubai • Suzanne Taylor – President Laguna Beach Board of Realtors, Berkshire Hathaway – Home Services • John Cain – HOM Sotheby’s International Realty – Newport Beach • Shannon Ratcliffe – Editor, LUXE interior + Design Orange County • Blue Cava – Technology Solutions Company specializing in Digital Advertising Delivery – Irvine • Sean Goodsell – Coldwell Banker – Realtor & Developer • Trevor Howard – Investor & Realtor – Surterre Properties • Brain Rich – HOM Sotheby’s International Realty – Laguna Beach – Laguna Beach • Christie’s International Real Estate • Sony • Ignited USA • Silvan Winery – Oregon • Marcus Skenderian – The Skenderian Group • Surterre Properties – Laguna Beach • Christies Real Estate – La Jolla • Liz Hansche – Berkshire Hathaway • Tim Nelson Real Estate – La Jolla • Willis Allen Real Estate – La Jolla • Young Concepts – Texas • In-N-Out Burger • Make-A-Wish Inland Empire and Orange County • Special Olympics Southern California • Southern California Veterinarians Specialty Hospital – Irvine • Dr. Detail – Costa Mesa • Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America • The Irvine Company • Patina Restaurant Group – Los Angeles • Hyatt Hotels – Irvine • Lexus – Newport Beach • Tarbut V’Torah – Irvine • Amherst Media • Orange Coast magazine • Ceremony Magazine • Coast magazine • L.A. Confidential magazine • Montes Alpha wines – Chile • Ladeki Restaurant Group – La Jolla • TGIC Wine Importers – Los Angeles • Archaval Ferrer – Mendoza – Argentina • Descanso Garden – Pasadena • Balboa Bay Club – Newport Beach • Hush Restaurant – Laguna Beach • Jan Eric Osterlund – England + Sweden • Sana Edhin – Beverly Hills & Sweden • Angeleno magazine • Rangefinder magazine • Bonnier Fakta – Sweden

How much do you charge?

Commissions are based on the scope of work. Connect with Marc by email here or call the studio at 949.494.5084. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have for upcoming projects.

Most of my luxury architectural and real estate listing / projects have amazing views. Can you really provide me with well lit interior images that show of the exterior window views too?

Yes. My process for painstakingly lighting the interior ensures that you will have gorgeous images of the interiors with balanced and dramatic views through the windows of the outdoor vistas.

How long will it take on site to photograph our project?

For Realtors: While the majority of real estate photographer are in and out of the property in less than an hour. Most of my realtor shoots take about 1.5 hours. to 3 hours. Properties in excess of 3,000 square feet, may take longer. Estates of 6,000 square feet and more may require an entire day of photography.

For Commercial Projects: Commercial projects are either a half day {four hours}, or a full day {eight hours}.

Will I own the images?

This is a great question. As a photographer and creator of the images I own and retain the copyright to all images produced.

For Realtors: A usage license is granted to the individual agent or agent’s broker to use the images without restriction during the marketing and sale of the property. It’s a common misconception that realtors will own the images after the shoot.

For Commercial Projects: Commercial usage licensing is determined per-project and the ultimate usage of the images. I use Cradoc software an industry standard software to determine the value of the image licensing. The value fee of licensing is predicated upon usage: Print: local, regional, national, international; billboard; web usage; Magazine print, size of magazine advertisement, half page, full page, double-truck, and print locale as stated earlier. Commercial licensing is based on length of time: 1-5 years and an option for a full buy out.

How many images will I get when I commission you to photograph?

This is a great question. My approach is different than most photographers who base their shoot by the square foot and sell the photographs individually. Instead, my commission includes a great number of images that create a well-rounded portfolio of images showing off the luxury architectural or luxury real estate project that I’m photographing for you.

How do I make sure that you capture what I need to be photographed?

It is very important to me that you get what you need when you commission me. And that you are thrilled with the results. There are a couple of ways that I ensure that you will get what you need and be thrilled. 1) We discuss what your needs are in a pre-conference phone call and I take notes, creating a checklist when we speak. 2) When I arrive at the property, we do a walk-through and discuss the photo shoot again, reviewing which spaces will be photographed and which angles will work best for the project.

Our architectural firm, real estate company, public relations firm, interior designer, home builder, is located in a different part of the country / world. Have you worked with an out of town firm before?

Yes. I’ve photographed projects for luxury brand firms in Philadelphia, Georgia, and Colorado. Each had projects in Southern California. Phone consultations and clear communication coupled with detailed, precise emails guaranteed flawless execution of each project. Projects varied from photographing on the El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, California to photographing a new $6.5m luxury jewelry store in Newport Beach’s Fashion Island to the Salk Institute in La Jolla for the world largest carpet manufacturing firm, INVISTA. My clients often tell me I’m the nicest vendor they’ve ever worked with.

How long before our photographs are delivered?

Real Estate Clients: I understand that you need to bring your client’s home to market as soon as possible. The images from my Luxury Real Estate photography shoots will be ready for you within 48 after the day of the shoot. Images will be sent to you via DropBox. Within the first 24 hours after your photo shoot, I can send you a “placeholder” image of the property so you can list it on the MLS. Uploading images to your FTP server account is complimentary.

Commercial Projects: Depending on the scope of your shoot and how much post-production and retouching is required, your images will be sent to you via DropBox within 3-5 days after the day of your photography.

How are the photographs delivered?

All images are delivered via DropBox. DropBox is Cloud storage. You will be sent an email with a link to a DropBox account. Your DropBox account will have 1 major folder with 2 nested folders. One folder will contain your high-resolution images for printing, a second folder will contain images optimized for MLS and the web.

Can we have the raw files?

Raw files are not available for viewing or purchase. Think of this as the raw footage from a major motion picture. Or the raw foodstuffs that a chef uses to prepare a gourmet meal. Its all about the final product that is delivered not the ingredients that were used.

Are all the images retouched or enhanced?

Each and every image is magazine perfect. Retouching is an overused and often incorrectly used term. All your images are edited. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my all my images. Editing entails controlling the exposure (lightness and darkness), the clarity, color fidelity and controlling the perspective, of each and every image by hand. It is a very time-consuming process. 99% of my images need no retouching at all because I’ve taught myself how to use the best light possible, whether its natural light or manufactured light like a strobe. Retouching is taking an image into a software manipulation program such as Adobe Photoshop and fixing the image. That being said …. Some images need retouching in Adobe Photoshop while others are just perfect right out of Adobe Lightroom.

Do you offer executive portraits and headshots?

Yes. Over fifteen years, I’ve been commissioned thousands of times, to create executive portraits and headshots. I’ve photographs entire firms on location at their headquarters and individual portraits outdoors and indoors at my studio. My award-winning portrait photography is widely published. You may contact me by email here or call the studio at 949.494.5084. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding executive portraits and headshots.


I’m often Asked How I’d Describe my Style

How would you describe your photographic style?

I produce magazine quality luxury architectural and luxury real estate imagery. With over a decade of photographic experience producing high caliber commercial imagery, you’ll receive luxury architectural and luxury real estate and interior photography images that will feel honest and alive and carry the integrity of the property’s design. My work is often described as, artistic, creative, clean, crisp, and technically flawless with color that pops.



The 411 – Business & Details

Can you hold a date for me?

I’m sorry but I am not able to hold a date for you or pencil you in. To be fair to everyone, I can’t hold a date or pencil you in without a retainer and a signed contract. All commissions are taken on a first-come, first-serve, basis.

How do I commission you as my photographer?

You should commission me as soon as you are sure that I’m the right photographer for you. Commissions are by contract and retainer.

What is your payment schedule?

Upon signing your contract a retainer fee of is due. The amount differs depending on the scope of the job. For real estate commissions, the balance is due in full upon booking. Commercial jobs are 75% up front and the remaining balance is due upon transference of your digital files via DropBox.

If I cancel my photo shoot is my retainer or other fees that I’ve paid refundable?

All retainers and all fees paid prior to your photo shoot are non-refundable. Please understand that when you book your photography with me I am holding your date exclusively for you and turn down all other commissions for that date. Your retainer will be applied forward to any real estate or commercial shoot that you commission with the studio within 365 days of your cancelled shoot.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Of course. As a licensed business owner its important to me to be fully insured. We are insured by a triple-A rated company and have a $2 million dollar liability insurance policy. We’ve never had to use it but it gives us both peace of mind.

Do you bring back-up equipment to your photo shoots?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is….As a professional photographer with over fifteen years experience photographing near and far, I believe in being overly prepared to photograph every project. So, I arrive with 2-3 cameras and a lot of lenses, and plenty of lighting gear. I actually have back up gear for my back up gear.

How many years have you been in business?

I’ve been in the business of photography since 2001.

What kind of clothing will you be wearing to the photo shoot?

I always dress appropriately for the occasion. Typical attire is jeans and nice button down shirt and clean comfortable shoes. My clients always appreciate that I am well groomed and have a clean appearance.

I’d like to include a twilight shoot of the property do you charge extra for this?

Yes. With a full day rate twilight shoots are included. Or, pricing is based on the scope of your project.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The studio accepts checks and all major credit cards including American Express via Square.



For Photographers

Do you offer mentoring?

Yes. I do offer 1-on-1 mentoring. If you are interested in 1-on-1 mentoring. You may contact me by email here or at 949-494-5084.

What kind of camera gear do you use?

Marc is a Sony Artisan:  Current Gear includes Sony’s a9, a7iii, Canon 17mm & 24mm Tilt Shift lenses with Metabones IV adapters, 90mm f/2.8 Macro, 24-70 f/2.8 GMaster, 70-200 f/2.8 GMaster, 35mm f/1.4

What kind of lighting equipment do you use?

NEEWER TT850 Speedlite flash heads – I have 6 of these, Godox AD200, Flashpoint 360’s, and AD600, 30″, 40″ and 60″ bounce umbrellas.

Do you ever teach or give workshops?

Yes, I have a series of ongoing 3-Day Mastering Luxury Real Estate Workshop Intensives.  Please see my blog for these.  I also offer 1-on-1 mentoring by phone or Skype. If you are interested in 1-on-1 mentoring. You may contact me by email here or at (949) 494-5084.

Who built your website?

WordPress based Divi Elegant themes. Cris Mitchell executed the design I created. 


Marc Weisberg is an Architectural & Luxury Real Estate Photographer providing the highest caliber images for realtors, interior designers, developer, contractors, hotels, resorts, home stagers, architects and home builders needing to showcasing their property. Services offered include, Luxury Real Estate Photography, Architectural Photography, Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Interiors Photography, Resort Photography and Luxury Vacation Rental Photography. Marc owns and operates a successful Southern California based studio founded in 2001, and is the founder of Luxury Real Estate Images. His work is widely published and sought out by luxury brands. Contact Marc by phone 949.494.5084, or hti the contact button above.